Juan "Jerzey B " Battle Jr was born on November 15th, of 1992 in Newark NJ. Music became apart of his life at the age of 9 years old, exactly a year after his mom was stabbed multiple times by his father. After his mom recovered they moved to Blackwood, NJ as her attempt to give him and his 2 other siblings a better life. Trouble followed him and music became his GO TO when things were rough. Jerzey B became incarcerated at the age of 16 and given a 3 year sentence that led him behind bars for 21 months. He continued to write music every night song after song to deal with his emotions of anger. Soon after his release, he became a father and even was awarded custody of his son as well as choosing to be there as a father figure for a lil girl from one of his past relationships. People always told him that he was gifted as he would rap anywhere he had went. After being incarcerated 17 times he finally chose the put the streets down and pick the pad up FULL TIME. With all that he has done and all that he has seen, Jerzey B works rapidly to allow the world to see that if he can make it through anyone can. Although things are never easy till this day, he still USES music as his outlet. Juan "Jerzey B" Battle now wants the world to feel his PAIN through his endless flows, and powerful lyrics. 

"We pray for better days,

before praying for a foreign"

-Jerzey B-
Recording artist/Songwriter